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Weekly Omaha Meditation–Satsangha

The Authentic Spiritual Meditation
with Sri Acharyaji

Dedicated to sincerely exploring meditation,
Dharma, self-realization, and spirituality.

Wednesday Meditation at UNO - University of Nebraska - Omaha

Please join us on the campus of UNO this Wednesday for our weekly meditation satsangha experience. These meditation gatherings are open to the entire general public. You do not need to be a UNO student to attend.

University of Nebraska at Omaha
6001 Dodge St
Milo Bail Student Center
Council Room
Omaha, NE 68182

7:00 - 8:00 PM

Share your comments about your experiences at the Weekly Omaha Meditation (and r.s.v.p.) at and sign up for the Dr. Frank Morales Email List for all the latest updates. Videos from the meditation can be found in the "about us" section. Let us know about you. Namaste!

For daily spiritual teachings and discussion, join and participate in our online spiritual community at the Sanatana Dharma Discussion Forum.

Acharyaji teaches Dharma spirituality at his Omaha Meditation

Additional classes will resume at the new ashram:
The Center for Dharma Studies.

Weekly Omaha Meditation with Sri Acharyaji, Dr. Frank Morales

Be with us for a meaningful talk by Sri Acharyaji, as well as an evening of meditation, kirtan, fellowship and joy! Don't miss an opportunity to meditate with and listen to this rare and qualified spiritual teacher.

We meet each Wednesday from 7:30 - 8:30 pm for meditation, fellowship, spiritual discourses, celebration, and enlightenment - all rooted in the ancient transformative traditions of Yoga spirituality. Join us any Wednesday, and please feel free to bring someone you care about with you.

Satsangha is a form of spiritual practice that has been performed for thousands of years in India. There are several important elements that you will notice in these gatherings that make Satsangha radically different from other spiritual gatherings.

The most important of these is the deep authenticity and truly ancient nature of what occurs here each week. There is nothing new or "new age" about Satsangha. Rather, the meditation techniques and philosophy that we explore represents the most ancient, effective, and pure spiritual process known to humanity.

Dedicate yourself to following a path that encourages you to look honestly within in a contemplative manner, to follow a spiritual discipline that leads to a gradual unfoldment of your true self that results in self-realization and God-consciousness.

All sincere seekers are welcome to attend, regardless of their religious affiliations. While the foundations of Satsangha are deeply rooted in the ancient traditions of Yoga spirituality and Dharma, what occurs here is beyond sectarian or denominational consideration. We are seeking an experience of Truth.

What we do ask, however, is that you approach your experience of Satsangha with sincerity, humility, openness, and a strong desire to know the Divine.

If you are sincerely seeking Truth, then welcome to Satsangha!

For more info:
Visit and join the Weekly Omaha Meditation Group


Sri Acharyaji - Dr. Frank Morales, Ph.D (Sri Dharma Pravartaka)

Below is a recent Lincoln Journal Star article on Dr. Frank Morales and his congregation of 4,000 at the Nebraska Hindu Temple. There is also a video link that is narrated by him. Dr. Frank Morales Article in Lincoln Journal Star

Known as Sri Acharyaji to his students, Dr. Morales is widely renowned as one of the most authentic spiritual teachers in the nation. Dr. Morales has been practicing meditation and Yoga spirituality for the last thirty years. He was ordained as a Hindu priest in 1986. Dr. Morales began formally teaching in Chicago in 1988, and today teaches the most authentic and philosophically compelling form of Dharma spirituality available anywhere outside of India. Dr. Morales' immeasurable depth of knowledge about meditation and the Dharma tradition, his authentic and personal approach to teaching others, and his own exalted level of achievement in meditation and self-realization has become legendary in the Yoga community throughout the U.S.

Whether speaking to an audience of thousands, or to only one individual, Dr. Morales vividly conveys a deeply moving sense of compassion, peace, humility, and spiritual insight that has endeared him to thousands of students and admirers.

If you are willing to pursue your search for Truth with sincerity, humility and patience, and would like to be considered as a potential student under the highly experienced guidance of Dr. Morales, contact us today for further information.

What Other Spiritual Teachers Have Said:

"You've done truly phenomenal work teaching the pure essence of Yoga."
- Dr. Deepak Chopra

"Frank Morales is one of the most informed and articulate teachers of the greater Yoga tradition in the West today. He is in contact with the roots of this profound tradition of Self-realization going back to the mantras of ancient Vedic seers and rishis. He has a deep understanding of the foundations of Yoga in Hindu (Sanatana) Dharma and a special insight into Bhakti Yoga, the path of devotion."
- Dr. David Frawley (Internationally known author of over 22 books on Yoga spirituality)

Let Us Know Your Coming and Share Your Meditation Group Comments

Find out more and meet some of our group members on our
Weekly Omaha Meditation Group Page

recent Meditation Events with sri acharyaji

Some recent Omaha Meditation-Satsanghas.

April 29, 2009 - Hindu Temple Meditation

SPECIAL MEDITATION - We will meet and meditate inside the beautiful and sacred Hindu Temple of Nebraska. Meditate with Sri Acharyaji and learn about temple worship. Join us for this spiritually powerful meditation!

See more about the Hindu temple meditation event

April 22, 2009 - Goddess Meditation

Join us on April 22nd for a special meditation dedicated to Goddess. Discover the feminine incarnations of the Supreme Absolute, the many powerful Devi Goddesses, and the feminine spiritual power of Shakti! Sri Acharyaji will speak about the importance of Goddess and who she is.

April 15th, 2009 - Conquering All Fear: The Story of Narasingha

One of the most all-pervasive challenges that so many of us face in daily life is the problem of fear. Whether we face a fear of financial loss, illness, death, loneliness, or anything else, all fear can be overcome by accessing the unlimited reservoir of peace and joy that lies within! Rather than experience the draining presence of fear in your life for even a moment longer, learn how you can transcend all fear in this important and inspiring lesson by Sri Acharyaji. In the ancient and beautiful story of Narasingha, we see first hand how fear is merely an illusion, the soul is immortal, and that we are never abandoned by the Divine!

Be with us for this amazing talk and meditation session.

April 8th, 2009 - Celebrating Sri Rama, a Dharma King

Dharma is the Natural Way. Dharma transcends denomination, sect, and even religion itself. Dharma celebrates peace, harmony, tolerance, and the life of the spirit. Come learn about one of history's most important teachers of Dharma: Sri Rama, the incarnation (avatara) of God who personified Dharma and whose life serves as a spiritual model for us all.

How can Dharma truly transform your life for the better? How can you know peace, joy, and spiritual fulfillment during this time of fear and challenges? Come find out!

Sri Acharyaji will be performing a special puja (a beautiful, traditional Hindu worship ceremony) on this special evening. Please don't miss it!

March 25th, 2009 - Overcoming Personal Challenges Through Meditation

As the world around us continues to become more complex, demanding, and stressful, many of us are struggling to cope with the growing personal challenges of depression, anxiety, fear, and a loss of meaning in our lives. In this inspiring talk, we will learn how to use the life-enhancing power of meditation to recapture the joy, peace, and meaning that is an inherent part of our soul's natural being. Learn how to enrich and enliven your life with the dynamic power of meditation.

Be with us this Wednesday for this inspiring talk and meditation session.

Wednesday, March 4th - Spiritual Principles for Effective Leadership

Join us on Wednesday, March 4th, for a powerful and meaningful meditation satsangha experience with Sri Acharyaji. On this Wednesday Acharyaji will teach his students and followers about the spiritual principles for effective leadership. Effective leaders who take spirituality into account are desperately needed today in this society. Attend this important evening on leadership skills and learn how to become a leader who can make a difference and the leader you've always wanted to be.

Wednesday, Feb. 25th - Lord Shiva, the Lord of Consciousness

Join us on Wednesday, February 25th, for another unique meditation satsangha experience with Sri Acharyaji. Acharyaji will speak about Lord Shiva, the Lord of Consciousness, and the important holiday that is happening to commemorate him called Shivaratri.

Wednesday, Feb 18th - Creating Loving and Healthy Spiritual Relationships

Each of us wants to spiritually deepen our relationships with those we love. We all want to experience more love, more connectedness, more meaningful depth, and more awareness in our relationships. Successful relationships flow out of a healthy sense of spiritual identity, compassionate exchange, and other-centeredness. This very special talk by Sri Acharyaji will teach us how to acquire such abilities, and what it means to reflect the Divine in how we relate to each other. Learn how to enrich and enliven your relationships. Be with us for this inspiring talk, as well as an evening of meditation, kirtan, fellowship and joy! Meet some of our group members on our Omaha Meditation Group page. Namaste and see you on Wednesday!

Wednesday, Feb 4th - Celebrating and Practicing Dharma in Daily Life

Be with us on Wednesday, February 4th, for a unique weekly Satsangha Meditation experience. We will celebrate the final day and completion of Sri Acharyaji's 30-Day fast for Dharma and Peace. Acharyaji will deliver a beautiful message on how to practice Dharma in daily life. Please become part of our online group here and tell us about yourself. Namaste and see you on Wednesday!

Wednesday, Jan 21, 2009 – Dharma Civilizations - A New Dharma Sunrise

Watch the New Dharma Sunrise on January 21st! Join us this Wednesday for our weekly Satsangha as we explore the once hidden truth of what it means to live in a Dharma Civilization - a civilization based upon the principles of spirituality, peace, tolerance, well-being, and natural ways. We will take a look at historical civilizations that were based upon Dharma, including the joyous kingdom of Lord Rama, and we will look to the future at the important emerging revival of Dharma in our present world. Find out how you too can play a crucial part in this time of historic change and help to bring about the political instantiation of Dharma. Join this Wednesday for this very special Satsangha event!