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Donating & Volunteering

Please consider supporting the International Sanatana Dharma Society in whatever way you can. The ISDS helps others in the most deeply meaningful and lasting way—with their spirituality. The secret to improving the world is to revive Dharma in the world. If are looking for your personal charity to support, please consider this authentic Sanatana Dharma organization.


We could not do this without your donations and financial support. Many thanks goes to all those who have contributed. Even the smallest amounts make a difference and keep things going. You can support Dharma in a truly great way by helping to fund the ISDS and all contributions are tax deductable. Please consider having your company or another organization match your contribution to your chosen charity, the ISDS. Find out more about donating to the ISDS.


Join the Dharma community. When you protect Dharma, Dharma protects you. Find out more on how you can practice Dharma and volunteer for the ISDS.