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Information on Sanatana Dharma

Resources on Dharmacentral for understanding & practicing Dharma.

buddha entering parinirvana Buddha entering parinirvana

Introduction to the Path of Santana Dharma

Introduction to Dharma
An overview of Dharma.

Dharma Frequently Asked Questions
Visit here to for clarification on some of the most common
questions and misconceptions about Dharma.

Embracing Dharma
How to practice Dharma and join the global Dharma community.

Dharma Ethics
The codes of a Dharma follower.

Further Reading on Sanatana Dharma

Sri Acharyaji's Books
Build a good foundation for your spiritual practice.

Dharmacentral Bookstore
Discover an extensive library of useful books on spirituality and Dharma available for purchase. Your purchases here help to support Dharmacentral, the official website of ISDS.

Popularity of Sanatana Dharma

Famous followers of Sanatana Dharma

The understanding and practice of Dharma is more common and mainstream than some people realize. You may recognize some of these followers of Dharma.

J.D. Salinger
Novelist & Writer
David Lynch
Director & Producer
Heather Graham
Actress, Producer, Singer
Alfred Ford
Sunita Williams
U.S. Astronaut
Rivers Cuomo
Lead Singer, Guitarist - Wheezer
Arlo Guthrie
Singer & Songwriter
J. Mascis
Musician - Dinosaur Jr. Band
Nina Hagen

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