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How to Practice Dharma

You are welcome to join the global
Sanatana Dharma community

Sanatana Dharma welcomes all sincere seekers who wish to adopt Sanatana Dharma as their spiritual path. These are a few things you can do to get started in your practice of a Dharmic lifestyle. By protecting Dharma and supporting your spiritual teacher, you can become a great example for your community. 

Step 1.  Beginning a Dharmic Lifestyle

  1. Consider becoming vegetarian.
  2. Begin reading the Bhagavad-Gita, the most important Dharma scripture. 
  3. Learn how to practice spiritual meditation.
  4. Understand and accept the principles of karma/reincarnation. 
  5. Join the International Sanatana Dharma Society, a local Sanatana Dharma temple or Satsangha group. 

Step 2.  Becoming a Practicing Dharmi (follower of Dharma)

After declaring yourself a Dharmi, you may want to then deepen your understanding and practice of Dharma by incorporating a serious spiritual practice into your daily life. The best way to do this is under the guidance of a qualified and knowledgeable guru, or spiritual teacher. The following steps will help you with this deepening of your practice.

  1. Study the philosophy and teachings of Dharma under the guidance of a qualified guru.
  2. Adopt a healthy spiritual lifestyle, including vegetarianism, and following the ethical principles of Dharma.  
  3. Practice regular spiritual meditation, mantras and puja.
  4. Seek initiation from a qualified guru (spiritual teacher).  Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya is one of the most highly qualified and authentic gurus in the tradition of Sanatana Dharma in the world today. Please contact us if you would like to be considered as a serious candidate for initiation by Sri Acharyaji.