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  • ISDS Winter Fundraiser - How you can help

    The ISDS has been privileged over the last two decades to have helped many tens of thousands of people throughout the world to experience a much greater degree of hope, peace and God's love in their lives. We are now in the midst of our annual, year-end fundraiser to raise the donations necessary to expand our mission of giving the gift of Dharma to the world. In the same way that the ISDS has helped you in so many ways, we are humbly appealing to you to please give back. Help us to expand our capacity to continue helping others by making a generous donation today. Thank you for your generous support!

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    International Sanatana Dharma Society
  • NEW  The Dharma Store is Here!

    See the new Dharmacentral store with dharma t-shirts, dharma bags and more! The new clothing and accessories feature Vedic images as well as quotes from Acharyaji.

    Wear the symbols of Sanatana Dharma proudly and spread the word. Your support helps to bring more dharma spirituality to the world.

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  • NEW VIDEO  The Perfect Leader

    The greatest crisis that we are having today is a lack of leadership. We need leaders who are not merely capable, but perfect! In this inspiring talk by Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya, a model of perfect leadership is offered in the form of Lord Sri Rama, the perfect king, the perfect Dharma warrior, the perfect leader.

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  • NEW VIDEO  Being Joyful in Spiritual Practice

    Spirituality is meant to be an experience that is full of unbounded joy, positivity and hope. Sometimes, though, we suffer through challenging times of doubt and angst.

    In this inspiring talk, Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya explains how Sanatana Dharma is the ultimate path of joy. We can overcome depression and hopelessness, and make our spiritual journey one of happiness and joy again. The empowering tools provided in this talk show us how.

    Watch 'Being Joyful in Spiritual Practice'

  • What is Dharma?

    Dharma is one of the most ancient spiritual and philosophical concepts in world history. Though many people in America have heard of this word, very few have truly understood its meaning. This talk by one of the world's foremost authorities on Dharma spirituality will help you understand the life-changing concept of Dharma with deep clarity and personal meaning for you.

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  • How to Stop Suffering

    The Buddha taught that the world is a place of suffering. Almost everyone today is experiencing some form of suffering, either physical, financial, mental or emotional.

    This video captures one of the world's foremost Vedic spiritual masters (Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya) as he delivers an historical talk at an orthodox Theravada Buddhist temple on how to relieve our suffering.

    Good people should not have to suffer. This powerful spiritual presentation gives us the answer to how to stop suffering.

    Watch 'How to Stop Suffering'

  • NEW Album  Mantra Meditations

    In this beautifully produced musical album, Acharyaji expertly recites several of the most important mantras found in the ancient Vedic scriptures. Sri Acharyaji is universally renowned for his perfect pronunciation of Sanskrit, as well as for the spiritual power that he conveys in his recitation of sacred vibration of Vedic mantras.

    This album has been created to be a soothing meditative aid to assist you in your meditational practice. Whether listened to as an actual meditation practice, or to simply play in the background as calming and uplifting music, you will experience the amazing power of this unique spiritual album.

    The mantras are included in a downloadable PDF.

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  • Authenticity

    The only way to grow spiritually is to practice spirituality with deep and sincere authenticity. There is no alternative to authenticity. Sadly, authenticity has been the primary element conspicuously absent from the spiritual scene in the last several generations. In this intensely truthful talk, Sri Acharyaji explains what precisely is spiritual authenticity, and how you can practice spirituality in a truly authentic and meaningful way.

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  • The Age of Anti-Guru

    The Guru Principle is one of most important and foundational concepts in the Vedic tradition. All sincere followers of Sanatana Dharma understand the great importance of having an authentic and qualified spiritual master to help guide us on the path to liberation. In this radically truth-filled talk, Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya (one of the most qualified and authentic Vedic gurus in the world today) explains how we are currently living in an unfortunate "Age of Anti-Guru". If we want to experience real and meaningful spiritual growth, then we must have the humility and sincerity to seek help from a true spiritual master.

    Watch 'The Age of Anti-Guru'

  • Interview with Vedic scholar Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya on Positive Head

    Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya is one of the world’s foremost scholars on Hinduism and the president of the International Sanatana Dharma Society. In this episode Acharya explains the Vedic path or Sanatana Dharma, which is the foundation of the world’s oldest religion now commonly known as Hinduism. He covers the history and principles, how both yoga and meditation are two essential elements of practicing dharma or truth, as well as the more esoteric side of this timeless wisdom by delving into topics such as Vimanas (UFO’s).

    Listen to 'Interview with Vedic scholar Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya'

  • Spiritual Practice is Everything Video

    Spiritual Practice is Everything

    Spirituality is not just about philosophy, theology and systems of belief. Spirituality is all about practice! In this incredibly inspiring talk, Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya explains the nature of sadhana (practice) and why "spiritual practice is everything."

    Watch 'Spiritual Practice is Everything'

  • Happy Guru Purnima to Our Guru!

    In the Vedic tradition, the presence and grace of the guru is praised as being of tremendous importance in assuring our success on the spiritual path. It is only through the grace of the guru that we can fully understand the perfect purport of the Vedic scriptures, that we can be properly guided in our spiritual practice, that we can accurately understand the philosophical conclusions (siddhanta) of the Vedic tradition, and that we can observe, up close and personally, a living example of what it means to be a liberated being.

  • Einführung in den Vedanta (Introduction to Vedanta)

    NEW Book in German: Einführung in den Vedanta (Introduction to Vedanta)

    Ausgewählte Vorträge von Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya (Selected lectures by Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya)

    More about 'Einführung in den Vedanta'

  • Honoring Our Ancestors Video

    Pitri Puja: Honoring Our Ancestors

    Sri Acharyaji performed an ancestor pitr puja meant to honor ancestors and bestow blessings.

    Read and watch more about Pitri Puja: Honoring Our Ancestors

  • Sanatana Dharma, Universalism & The Roots of Paganism

    Sri Acharyaji interviewed about Sanatana Dharma on the THA Talks show

    Listen to 'Sanatana Dharma, Universalism & The Roots of Paganism'...

  • Lord of the Rings, Dharma and Modernity Video

    NEW VIDEO  "Lord of the Rings": Dharma & Modernity

    The Vedic perspective on "Lord of the Rings", and the important lessons and hidden messages that "Lord of the Rings" has for the world today, as explained by one of the world's leading authorities on Vedic spirituality.

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  • NEW EDITION  Living Dharma: The Teachings of Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya

    "Living Dharma" is a collection of short wisdom teachings that have been revealed by the highly qualified spiritual teacher, Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya. It covers a wide range of topics, both philosophical and practical. Whether commenting upon spirituality, meditation, politics, philosophy, economics, history or Yoga, each aphorism boldly reveals the deepest spiritual essence lying within all fields of human concern, waiting to be discovered by the reader. All of these brief wisdom teachings are in themselves powerfully effective meditation sessions. If you can fully understand and apply this book's sacred teachings to your life, with humility, sincerity, openness and enthusiasm, your life will be radically transformed for the better.

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